New York City's 2012 Cycling Map is Out, and It's a Beauty!

NYC New York Bike Map 2012NYC DOT/Public Domain

8.7 New Miles of Bike Lanes

While it's too bad that it seems like New York City has slowed down a bit the creation of new bike lanes, with 8.7 new miles of lanes added in 2011 vs. closer to 50 miles in both 2009 and 2010, it's still great to look at what the city has been able to accomplish in the past few years. All it took was some conviction and strategy, something that is sorely lacking in many big cities that could become great biking cities.

Anyway, I'm writing to let you know that NYC's 2012 Bike Map (pdf) has been released with all the details about the new bike lanes. Check it out, it's beautiful in its own way. I'd make for a great poster or T-shirt!

NYC Bike MapNYC DOT/Public Domain

The PDF file is quite detailed, and as you can see above, you can zoom in quite a bit on any part of the city to see details more clearly.

It's probably not a bad idea to keep the PDF on your smartphone (if you have one) for easy access if you ever need to look up a bike path or plan a route.

Via NYC DOT, Streetsblog

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New York City's 2012 Cycling Map is Out, and It's a Beauty!
New York cyclists take note, this year's edition of the NYC DOT's cycling map is out! It's a beauty!

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