New York City To Remove "Eyesore" Ghost Bikes


This ghost bike has been here since 2008. Image: Daily News

There are 67 Ghost Bikes in New York City, memorials to cyclists killed by automobiles and trucks. Now the Sanitation Department wants to remove them after thirty days. According to the head of the sanitation department's cleaning unit, it is the result of a "handful" of complaints.

According to the Daily News,

The families of the victims are outraged and heartbroken, including the mom of a 22-year-old man crushed to death by a truck in 2008. "This is shocking. I can't believe it," said Lizi Rahman, whose son Asif died at 55th Road and Queens Blvd. - dubbed the Boulevard of Death.

"I go there because that's where he breathed last. When I go there, people see me cleaning the ghost bike. They stop and talk to me. They feel close to the family." "I find him there. They can't take it away from me," she said.

Other cities already have this policy; in Toronto, Canada, Ghost Bikes are removed by the city after a period of time. In Washington, removal of a ghost bike became a big issue last year.

Ghost Bikes are a reminder to everyone to ride and drive carefully; Perhaps they should stay in our faces. More in the Daily News

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