New SLIM Bike Parking Solution by Modular

TreeHugger loves bikes but maybe only as long as we can cycle. When it comes to storing your bike easily and safely, some of you might be lucky to have a sleek Cyclepod or a breathtaking Bike Tree Locker near you but parking a bike is not always without hassle and unpleasant surprises. Indoor bike parking solutions are particularly challenging due to lack of space but are more and more in demand the more people opt for cycling to work.
This is why we welcome Modular’s refreshing parking solution called Slim. Last weekend the first Slim parking got inaugurated at Terra Foundation’s headquarters in Barcelona.

Slim is a slanting steel rail which holds the parked bike in place without having to use your hands. It’s fixed to the wall and floor and comes with an optional security cable to lock the wheels and saddle to the structure. All you need is your own lock to secure your bike to Slim. Its design allows you to attach the wheels as well as the bike with only one lock as this pushes the wheels into the rail and makes it almost impossible to detach them. We tried it out and it might take a little practice to hold your bike up but the slope makes it fairly easy to fit any kind of bike without applying too much force. Great for small spaces like entrance halls and easy to put up. Slim is right now in its OutTest phase which means it is being tested before going on the market. This way Modular make sure they haven’t missed out on any design improvements. On their web site, you can add your thoughts to the idea zone.

Other parking solutions available from Modular are Indoor (foldable vertical support) and Trident (horizontal security support for 1-2 bikes) to attach to the wall and a wide range to attach to the floor. Next to parking solutions for private use, Modular offer various public bike parking solutions such as the inverted ‘U’ you can see everywhere in Barcelona.

Apart from designing and manufacturing bike parking solutions, Modular have made it their responsibility to be eco-friendly. All materials and packaging used are made sure to be recyclable. Paper packaging and instruction manuals are made from recycled paper and tell you how to recycle or re-use them again. All products are designed so that the energy consumption and cost of recycling stays as low as possible. Modular developed a service system to take your old product back if you decide to replace it with a different design in order to recycle it. Big differences for a small company! ::Modular (in Spanish only) or contact them directly in English Via the R3project.