The 'Boulevard of Death' now has a protected bike lane, many lives will no doubt be saved

Protected bike lane on Queens Boulevard, NYC
Screen capture STreetfilms

"If Queens Boulevard can get a protected bike lane, you can probably put one on almost any street in the country," writes our friend Clarence at Streetfilms, and he's probably right.

Earlier this month, New York City's Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) installed the first 10 blocks of a new protected bike lane on Queens Boulevard. This is what the layout of the street will now look like:

Protected bike lane on Queens Boulevard, NYCST/Screen capture

We need more protected bike lanes EVERYWHERE

This will not only make riding in the area more pleassant, but it will also make it much safer, no doubt saving lives over time, as sadly many have already been lost on the "Boulevard of Death".

When complete, this project will run 1.3 miles from Roosevelt Avenue to 73rd Street.

You can see a great video about the first celebratory ride down the first complete stretch here, as well as about the whole project and the efforts that went into making it happen so quickly:

The beauty is that this whole project didn't cost much, and happened very quickly:

The Queens Boulevard redesign is an example of how DOT can use low-cost materials to act quickly, when decision makers treat a project as a high priority. Workshops were held in January. The design was revealed in March. The community board signed off in June. The mayor held a celebratory press conference in July. Now, in August, the first changes are on the ground. (source)

It's a model for what should be done elsewhere.

Via Streetfilms

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