New Gyutto E-Bike Outfitted With Two Child Seats

Panasonic e-bike image

Image via Panasonic

Panasonic's latest e-bike has a great feature for parents: seating for two kiddos. For a parent hauling their little ones around, a bit of electric assist is probably more than a little welcome. According to CrunchGear, the Gyutto is the family-oriented version of the BE-ENZ032, announced last week.

The Gyutto can accommodate two children, one in front and one in back, thanks to removable child seats. So even if you have just one child hitching a ride, there is room for hauling a basket of groceries as well.

Panasonic e-bike image

An interesting feature is the two different wheel sizes -- 22" for the front and 26" for the back. Though there is also a version with two standard wheel sizes:

Panasonic e-bike image

The bike weighs just over 32 kg and the electric assist comes from a 25.2V-8Ah lithion-ion battery. The battery's range is anywhere from 24 to just over 30 miles, depending on which setting the rider is using.

The bike will go on sale later this month in Japan for about $1,600, and will hopefully be available to the rest of the world at some point after that.

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