"New Car Smell" May Have Caused Hit-and-Run On Cyclist in Vail

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Well I am just never buying a Mercedes sedan now. Look what happened to the Rich Vail Fund Manager [who] Hits Cyclist And Runs, Gets Off Because Charges Might "Jeopardize His Job". Now Martin Erzinger's lawyers are claiming that he might have been overcome by the fumes from the "new car smell" in his car. According to VailDaily,
An accident reconstructionist says new-car smell may have contributed to the accident. John Koziol of Koziol Forensic investigated the accident, according to court documents.

Erzinger had purchased the car about a month before the accident. Koziol found in his investigation he found that it was emitting new car fumes, court documents said. It might have been a contributing factor, documents said.

"Harmful and noxious gases emitted from the upholstery can infiltrate the driver's compartment and potentially alter the driver," Koziol wrote.

TreeHugger has noted that ""New car smell could contain up to 35 times the health limit set for volatile organic chemicals in cars in Japan, making its enjoyment akin to glue-sniffing. The chemicals found included ethyl benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene used in paints and adhesives."

It is shocking that such things are still in cars like Mercedes Benz, to such devastating effect. Not surprisingly, Mercedes did not respond to calls from the Vail Daily.

Image Credit: Vail Daily

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