New Art-Bicycles by Gavin Turk

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The British artist Gavin Turk loves bicycles. Last year he designed 15 wild and crazy bicycles for an international art fair.

This year he is getting into the Olympic spirit and creating a 4 person collective biking experience made out of unicycles. It will be located at our favourite container cafe, the View Tube.

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Photo: bicycle wheel

It's part of an Olympic Art project called Bicycle Wheels which celebrates guess what over the summer in five different exhibits. The project aims to raise environmental debate and encourage cycling through art by people in east London, the site of the Olympic Games.

Gavin Turk and Industrial Designer Ben Wilson are presenting their reinterpretation of the bicycle for a modern era. They were intrigued by the long straight road leading up to the View Tube cafe and wanted to combine art and movement.

Bicycling buddies, they both are interested in creating unusual bicycle inventions. This one is built from four unicycles supported by an H-frame. They have clad the H-frame with multi-coloured wooden segments bringing a celebratory feel to the bicycle with fetes and festivals in mind. Their collaboration turns the unicycle, which is usually for one person, into a joint effort. It requires four riders to work collectively, holding each others arms, to enjoy the cycling experience.

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Photo: theviewtube

Also part of the Olympic Art is Bow Bells Ring. This is a temporary installation by Colin Priest. He has placed 100 bicycle bells, which he has collected and recycled, at points along the bicycle and walking path in the area. The idea is that both cyclists and walkers will be able to ring the bells and bring the friendly sound of the bells to the area.

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Photo: B. Alter

Because of its great location (and food and atmosphere), the View Tube cafe has become a focal point for the arts in the area of the Olympic site. The View Tube's design is ingenious. Created by Urban Space Management, it is two storeys high, with the ground floor serving as a delicious cafe. It was built in 3 months off-site: the used containers are from China, they were cleaned, fitted and then it took two days to crane them onto the site. It will stay there until 2013 at least.

The structure is completely recycled. There is motion sensor controlled lighting, and low energy light bulbs, solar controlled glass and weather compensation controlled heating.

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New Art-Bicycles by Gavin Turk
The British artist Gavin Turk loves bicycles. Last year he designed 15 wild and crazy bicycles for an international art fair.

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