Good idea: The Netherlands has traffic lights that automatically give priority to cyclists!

Bike-friendly traffic light in assen
Screen capture Youtube

We've written a lot about how much move evolved things are bike-wise in the Netherlands (see links below). Sometimes it's big infrastructure things that are impressive, but sometimes it's smaller things, showing the attention to detail that comes from the will to really reduce friction for cyclists and make biking as attractive as possible for the masses.

The video below, by David Hembrow at A View From the Cycle Path (it's unfortunate that phonetically it sounds a bit like "A view from the psychopath, but it's nothing like that I assure you!), shows that in very bike-friend the town of Assen, there are traffic lights that by default will give priority to cyclists over motorists:

That's the kind of small thing that could easily be copied by other cities to make life a bit easier for their cyclists. Of course, it doesn't make sense to use those at every intersection, but they should be used where it makes sense...

More on biking in the Netherlands:

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