NEO VOLT: A Clever Folding E-Bike Concept

Neo Volt Folding electric bike© ITEM/BH Bikes


If you created a venn diagram of fans of folding bikes and fans of electric bikes, they would surely intersect somewhere in the middle. But unfortunately for them, folding electric bikes are a rather rare animal. But despair not, as the clever folks at ITEM and BH Bikes are working hard to fill that void. The NEO VOLT is a compact concept e-bike of 20" that folds two different ways (for transit, and for smaller spaces like car trunks). To see it in action, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Neo Volt Folding electric bike© ITEM/BH Bikes

The battery, which is integrated in the frame, is removable for convenient recharging at home or in the office. A 250-watt motor and a generous battery make this e-bike last more than 90km (56 miles), far longer than usual in these models.

Neo Volt Folding electric bike© ITEM/BH Bikes

The designers at ITEM wrote:

he design team proposed a e-bike that would fit very easily to changes and requirements due to cycle through the various city environments. From of the car trunk, ride down the streets of the city, enter an elevator, enter the subway, cross through an area full of pedestrians, back pedaling, etc .... This ability to blend in different urban environments is something few e-bikes have.

Neo Volt Folding electric bike© ITEM/BH Bikes

Neo Volt Folding Electric bike© ITEM/BH Bikes

Definitely very cool. We'll have to keep an eye out for when (if?) it becomes commercially available.


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