Myths to Avoid When Buying A Bicycle


After the satirical cycling spoof recently posted, and the confusion that caused some, we thought we'd better balance the ledger with some simple, down-to-earth bicycle advice. And City Bikes of Ontario, Canada offer just that. "Owning a bicycle is like owning a pair of shoes. That $200 pair you love and have worn for years, they were a much better deal and more economical than the $20 pair you got on sale and wore once or twice because something wasn't quite right. Why? Your favourite pair probably "cost" you less than a dollar each time you put them on. The On Sale pair cost you $10 or even $20 per wearing if you only wore them once." City Bikes have a plain language list of five things to look out for when making a bike purchase. They figure that, "the most important thing - you need to have on a bicycle is...FUN! It just feels good riding, doesn't it? There is nothing like the feeling of moving along, under your own power, the breeze on your face, breathing a bit deeper, moving those muscles, pumping the blood, doing something good for yourself." Check out those five myths. ::City Bikes.

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