Myth No.1 No-one Rides A Bike in Los Angeles*


The LA Times has a story with lots of the good oil (umm, make that biodiesel) on cycling in Los Angeles. For example, they make note of Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition's 30 page commuting primer (PDF) that sets out to dispel 11 cycling myths. For example, "Myth 1: Nobody rides a bike in Los Angeles." The resource guide suggests that up to 240,000 ride their bikes every day with 10% of them pedalling to work. The article also mentions The Bicycle Kitchen/La Bici Cocina, a cooperatively-run bicycle culture and repair space. They've the modest mission of being "dedicated to improving the lives of Angelinos through environmental justice, cultural awareness, community and youth outreach using the bicycle as it's tool." Whew! The kitchen also have a weekly ladies-only night, where you might "experience the satisfaction and joy of building, fixing or souping up your own bike with a group of women who love bicycling." Sounds like the sort of place that might've inspired the band The Ditty Bops to release a 2006 Bicycle Bikini calendar to promote the sustainable transport that is cycling. Via ::LA Times. (Might need a free subscription.)* Of course its not a myth we ever believed. See some previous cycling in LA posts, like Bike Summer and Phat Cycles.