My Name Is BarBra: Great Idea for Winter Cycling, Lousy Name

barbra hamish greenland cycling winter photo hamish

Photos by Andrew Louis/Torontoist.

Toronto cyclist Hamish Greenland developed the BarBra after a very cold winter ride. He tells Torontoist:

"I found myself taking one of my hands off the bar, and putting it between my backpack and my back in order to keep it warm. At one point I realized that it was not a good idea to be shifting like this, because my fingers were so cold."

barbra hamish greenland cycling winter photo

Some people, (like me) wear big thick ski mittens in winter, but it can be hard to shift gears. The BarBra deflects enough wind that the rider can wear thin gloves and comfortably manipulate the gears and brakes. Hamish notes on his website that

It keeps your hands warm and dry, increases your visibility and protects brake levers and gear changers from salty slush.

It slips easily over the handlebars and fastens with velcro straps, and with its reflective stripes increases visibility.

barbra hamish greenland cycling winter photo side view

Surprisingly for a guy who works in media, Greenland gave it an unsearchable name. "It was only after I registered the name that I found out that Barbra Streisand would get hundreds more web hits." It will be especially tough if you end it with a .ca instead of .com.

But it is only $29 and you can find it at

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