Mr Motorvator: An Electric Assist Kit for the Brompton folding bike

The idea of a folding electric bike is pretty revolutionary. Couple the efficiency of a bicycle with the benefit of electric assist for heavy loads, weaker riders, or the avoidance of a sweaty commute, AND with the convenience of being able to carry it on mass transit, and you’ve got a pretty formidable mobility machine. We’ve covered two such devices before, the Panasonic Off Time, and the eZee Quando. Now, via YouTube, we’ve come across this kit for converting the world-famous Brompton to electric assist. Sold by British company Mr Motorvator, the ‘nano’ motor is attached to the bike at the rear wheel, with the battery being carried in the front luggage bag. By the looks of things, the device is pretty unobtrusive, and we could certainly see the electric assist coming in handy on the way to work on a Monday morning. We just wish the video had a slightly more enthusiastic voice over... ::Mr Motorvator::via YouTube::

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