Mountain Unicycling: Amazing Stunts on Just One Wheel (Video)

mountain unicycling photo

Image credit: YouTube

When I posted a video of unicycling on the streets of Manhattan, responses ranged from outrage at the disregard for road rules, through to wonder and amazement. Yet while we've featured an electric unicycle, and even a tandem unicycle, one-wheeled human powered transport remains viewed by most as more of a curiosity than a viable mode of transportation. But maybe we've got it wrong. Sure, the video below is more about tricks and stunts than it is about getting from A to B, but just like the Manhattan unicycling video before it, this does show that even the simplest of pedal-powered vehicles can perform some amazing feats in the right hands. And it also shows how much fun can be had with just a little ingenuity, a sturdy piece of equipment, and zero fossil fuels.

Thanks to Sister Lala for the tip!

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