The most ridiculous things people are saying about Citi Bike

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CC BY 3.0 Margaret Badore

There seem to be a lot of New Yorkers on the net that don't get Citi Bike yet. Here's a round up of the silliest things being said about the new bikeshare.

First up, there's twitter.

One hopes that someone explained to @Dinorah_Pena that "docking" means leaving the bike at station, but the original tweet appears to have been deleted, so she probably realized her mistake.

Who doesn't want things in New York to be cheaper? Personally, I'd love to ride the subway for free. But some people seem to be having trouble with cost comparison.

Riding a bike automatically makes you a hipster to grumpy white guys:

You know, except for the 32,265 miles logged as of 5:00 PM yesterday...

Then, there are the tabloids.

citi bike new york post headlineNew York Post/Screen capture

Yes, there are some co-op residents that are suing the city for putting a Citi Bike station in from of their building, with the claim that it slowed emergency workers putting a 92-year-old resident into an ambulance. But additional reporting from Brad Aaronat at StreetsBlog found that the FDNY didn't have any such problem.

Meanwhile New York Daily News tried to use Citi Bike as a news hook to write about an art model's breasts:

Then there are the NIMBY people who don't want bike racks in front of their building/business/children's schools. They may have legitimate concerns. They make illegitimate statements:

The DOT "should be the Department of Taliban."

Take all the bloody stands and put them in front of Citibank!
Both reported by NY Curbed.

Finally, there's the fact that today's first car/Citi Bike collision was all over the news. The bigger picture is that hundreds of cyclists are injured or killed each month, so such an accident was just about inevitable and should not be used in the bike vs. car debate instead of compelling safety data. Here's a tweet to put it in context:

The numbers come from NYPD accident reports.

Ok, now tell what I missed. What are the most ridiculous Citi Bike comments you've encountered?

The most ridiculous things people are saying about Citi Bike
There were bound to be misunderstandings.