More Bike Parking: Always a Good Decision


While many cities still require a certain number of parking spaces in new developments, Washington D.C. is on the verge of mandating a different type of parking: parking space for bicycles. The motion currently going through the city's council would be focused on making it easier for bicyclists in apartments and other dense urban areas. According to the Examiner:
The proposal would require that all apartment buildings with more than eight units set aside one bicycle parking space for every four residential units. Commercial landlords would have to provide enough bicycle parking to match at least 10 percent of the number of available automobile spaces.
With clever ideas like this providing six bike parking spaces for every car parking space, developers could satisfy the new mandate, and do their part in making their neighborhood more transit-friendly, with only one car-sized parking space per 24 residential units. For cities not willing to get rid of mandatory car parking requirements, hopefully required bike parking can make it easier for people to get around on two wheels instead of four.

:: Via Examiner