Mora Bike: Foldable in 8 Seconds, Local and Recyclable

Mora Bike folding bicycle made in Spain PHOTO

Josep Mora, a Spanish designer well-known for specialising in everything that has wheels, has developed a new urban bike that can be folded in 8 seconds (see video link below). In a market full of folding bicycles, we asked ourselves if the Mora Bike would find its place, and what is so special about it.Mora Bike is a truly Spanish product, designed and entirely manufactures locally. It is only recently that cycling has become popular in Spain, especially in Barcelona, Mora’s home town. The Catalan capital is becoming more and more bike-friendly since the bike sharing system Bicing has been installed two years ago. Josep Mora has designed a number of bicycles, including the wooden bike for the shoe company Camper. His latest, the Mora Bike, has definitely taken the folding bike a step further with its new way of folding it quicker, more securely and single-handed.

The Mora Bike weighs less than 11 kilos and occupies 0,140 m3 when folded. It is made from stainless steel and other high quality, long-lasting materials. According to Infonomía, the Spanish innovation network, the bike is 90% eco-friendlier than others because of the reduced CO2 footprint, due to the local production process and choice of material. All materials come from the peninsula and the bike is made in workshops located with no more than 40 km between them, which reduces the impact of transport drastically. At the end of its long life, the steel is 100% recyclable and free of toxins or paint.

Mora Bike was launched last year in the Barcelona bike shop Espaibici, where the models of the first production sold out for 700€. At the moment the company Mora Wheeldesign is working on the second version of the Mora Bike about to hit the market soon. Nice to see locally produced products of such high quality and great design. Via ::Infonomia ::Mora Bike Video (Spanish)
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