Montreal has Bixi and a Great Bike Lane System

dan on bixi photo

As noted before, Montreal has its own public bike-sharing programme, Bixi, which is proving to be a great success with 3,000 bicycles in 300 different locations.

But Montreal was already a cycling-friendly city, with the Bixis complementing an energetic scene. Not that many people seem to wear helmets but the city's highly sophisticated system of 4 different kinds of bike lanes make cycling seem almost to be a safe and friendlier thing to do.

Lane One:
This is a permanent lane on one side of the street. There is a permanent raised concrete median dividing it from the main roadway and it is two-way. It is commonly known as the "super highway" because it is new, nicely laid out and very fast.

montreal semi-permanent lane photo

Lane Two:
The Route-Vert (green line). It's a 2-way lane, with removable bollards. It is in effect from April to November, the rest of the year is snow-plow time and the lane disappears and it is like a normal road.


Lane Three
This lane is painted on the street, in white or orange, and no cars are supposed to drive on it. On a one way street, this lane will be one way, against traffic and the other direction will be marked with yellow bikes, on the other side of the street.

yellow bikes photo

Lane Four
This lane consists of bike symbols stencilled on the street and can be very scary because cars drive through it as well.

metre ring photo

This is a neat and simple little idea: a ring attached to the parking metre, so it is easier to attach the bike, and several can be chained at the same time.

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