Montreal Canada Launches Public Bike System


Montreal's new public bike sharing system or "PBS," as it's being called, relies on a new bike design, solar powered stations, wireless inventory management, and software to manage it all. The website is wonderful, and we suggest you pay it a visit here.

The entire system was designed from a clean sheet, intended to marry the practical with the aesthetic. World-renowned industrial designer Michel Dallaire was entrusted with the design of the physical components. The bikes themselves feature clean lines and a sleek look that in no way compromises their sturdiness and safety. Design elements are carried over to the technical platforms, bike docks and pay stations. All with the intention making the PBS an enhancement to the urban landscape, not an impediment to enjoying it.
The best part: riders can find the rental bike nearest them via internet. At last, a non-frivolous use for cell phone browsers.
Innovation is another hallmark of the PBS. It employs cutting-edge technologies to their best advantage: the entire system is solar-powered and uses wireless communication. All the components are modular. With no need for permanent installations or external energy sources, the technical platforms that constitute the base of the stations can simply be dropped off at any desired location without incurring expensive infrastructure work. No need to excavate or anchor the platforms to the street. And no need to install electrical or communication cables.
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