Modular, Sporty, Flexible Steintrikes from Bike Revolution

Steintrike Mungo Sport takes the stairs photo

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Steintrike Mungo Takes the Stairs
Apologies for the unfocused photo, but when a Mungo flashes past you down the steps, there is not much time to point and shoot. The amazing suspension in the Mungo Sport trike makes going anywhere easy. Now we just need to campaign for bike paths on the stairways.

Steintrike Nomad Sport with No Waste Design
Hard to miss at the recent Specialized Bike Convention (Spezi), Bike Revolution earns their name. Bike Revolution distributes some of the leading specialized bike names, including Hase, Zox, and HP Velotechnik. But their partnership with Steintrikes, and the prototype 4-wheeler (photo below), seized the day at Spezi. The revolutionary findings include:

  • Impressive suspension
  • No Waste Design
  • Modular concept
  • City-friendly velomobile concept.
More photos and details below.
Steintrike suspension detail photo

Image: author

This photo shows a detail of the suspension that makes the Mungo Sport so hungry for interesting terrain. 18 inch front wheels make for an easy ride, and the titanium and carbon fiber parts bring the weight in at under 19 kg (42 pounds). The front end of the frame with the pedals folds back for more efficient storage.

No Waste Design
No Waste Design refers in this case to the preservation of the cyclist's precious pedal power. The Steintrike No Waste Design promises almost one hundred percent decoupling of the drive system from the suspension, ensuring that your push goes towards propelling you forward and is not lost to the springs.

Steintrike Loaded photo

Image: Bike Revolution
Steintrikes Carry a Heavy Load
Commenters to the post on Flevobike were concerned about luggage capacity. So we will put that concern to rest with this picture: the Steintrikes can carry a double load, up to 45 kg (100 pounds). A version with hard cases is also available (photo at bottom).

Steintrike Leitra Avancee Velomobile photo

Image: Bike Revolution
Modular Design Concept
Steintrike has an answer to the perpetual problem bikers face: no bike can do everything. But bike upgrades and new bicycles require open heart surgery on your wallet. That is why Steintrike offers a modular concept. Front and rear ends can be swapped out to create the bike you need as you need it. The ultimate evolution of this concept is the Leitra Avancee and the Thunderstorm. These velomobiles are designed not for speed but for city tasks: shopping, deliveries or commuting. A high fairing with good visibility and easy access combines with trike stability for a safe city ride. The fairing can be removed for triking in fair weather.

Thomas Seide with Steintrike Four Wheeler carries heavy loads photo

Image: author

Thomas Seide, pictured above, is the force behind Bike Revolution. Necessity must be his middle name, because invention is in his nature. We don't know if inspiration came from the Trailcart, but pictured is the newest addition to the four wheelers making the pedal powered transportation scene. This four-wheeler is designed to take a load, while the suspension borrowed from the trike offers a comfortable ride. At Spezi, the four-wheeler made the rounds with a recumbent in the trailer position acting as a de facto tandem.

Steintrike Nomad Sport photo

Image: Bike Revolution
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