Modern Sport of Cyclist Harassment Now Against the Law in Missouri

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America's most aggressive drivers are in New York...that's now official. But Missouri must have its fair share, too. From the Cyclelicious blog we found a link to news that Columbia City has passed an ordinance making it a misdemeanor to harass a cyclist. The Columbia City council heard from 'a steady succession' of cyclists that had been harassed, including a bike shop owner who was pistol-whipped, before unanimously passing the ordinance, according to New York, are you listening? Anti-cyclist road rage is all the rage
Road rage against cyclists has become more reported (including Zack Colman's infamous column) as more and more people, especially with sweet summer weather, take to their bikes for a morning commute. It's not surprising drivers feel aggrieved with anything or anyone that gets in the way of their smooth, speedy forward momentum. That's human nature, it seems.

However, as a new World Health Organization report shows, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are all incredibly vulnerable to the need for speed. Nearly half of all traffic fatalities happen to these 'vulnerable road users' as the WHO calls them. And the solution? Don't drive drunk (not even while biking), use seat belts and child restraints, wear a helmet, and yes, slow down. Pretty much common sense, but not followed, especially in the world's poorer nations.

What do you think? Instead of just concentrating on whose fault road rage is, how do we fix the problems?

UPDATE: Starting August 5, harassment of cyclists will also be against the law in Colorado. Throwing objects at cyclists is a 'class 2' demeanor, while swerving toward a cyclist in a 'dangerous manner' is a careless-driving offense.

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