MobiBike - a Biofuel Assist Bicycle


Tipster Peter S. was equally bemused by our mention of the petroleum powered bicycle jetpack. So much so, he thought one good turn deserved another. Thus we’ve now discovered the MobiBke. Take one foldable full performance Dahon ZeroG mountain bike (13.8 kg or 30.4 lbs.) Strap on a Subaru 4 stoke 33.5cc micro-motor. Fill the tank with E85 blended bio-ethanol and you are take your transport woes for a 240 km or 150 mile ride before refueling. If E85 is not available at your destination consider your options. 1)Take 15 mins to convert the motor to accept standard petrol (gasoline). 2) easily remove the motor (3.5 kg or 8 lb) and you’ve reverted to purely pedal powered propulsion or 3) Fold the bike up and catch a taxi or train home. Mobisurf, the distributors of this curious vehicle aren’t proffering it as the answer to all our eco-transport needs, in fact they are refreshingly honest regarding what it can and can’t do. But at least they put the thinking cap on, followed by the action gloves, and for that alone they deserve credit. Basic model is €1,800, with a plethora of accessories available, including a surfboard rack! ::MobiBike. Thanks Peter.

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