Mexico City to Build New Bike Paths and Get Public Bike-Sharing

Sunday Street Closing to Cars and Vehicles in Mexico City Photo

Photo: OmarOmar.

Authorities from Mexico have announced that the city is finally getting the new bike paths that had been delayed due to lack of funds and that February could be the month they launch the public bike-sharing system.A while ago we commented on Mexico city's plans to incorporate safe bike paths and promote the use of bikes. Unfortunately, not many paths have been built due to lack of funding.

But according to El Universal, 2010 could be the bike year for Mexico.

The city's environmental office has announced that funds coming from the environmental impact of the construction of a new line of Metrobus will be destined to new bike paths, and that they are launching the public bike sharing system next February.

Mexico already has a private bike sharing program based on advertising called Mejor en Bici, but this one promoted by the government is going to be considerably larger.

More than a thousand bikes are going to be installed in 84 stations around town, and available for a 300 pesos a month rent (about 23 USD). The program will allow 24 thousand people to become members. Official estimates say that around 9 thousand daily trips will be able to take place on bikes with this program.

Let's hope this time the plans really take off.

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