Mercedes-Benz to Market an Emissions Free Vehicle


This is not exactly breaking news, but somehow it slipped through our net until now. Due for release in April 2008 Mercedes-Benz will offer not some new fangled hydrogen fuel cell car, but a folding bike. Designed, we’re told, to fit into the boot (trunk) of something like their CLK Cabriolet.

Created with assistance from German bike maker ADP Engineering GmbH, A.K.A. RotWild, the folder is said to collapse in two separate stages down to about 80 x 80 x 28 cm, all without getting one’s hands dirty, apparently. It comes with front suspension via a spring in the front forks and a dampener between the aluminium alloy frame and rear forks (shades of the early Moultons, the dual suspension bike from the 60’s & 70’s)

Other cute features run to disc brakes that double as the bikes lock, which the media release suggests acts like a cars immobiliser. The rear rack is integrated into the bikes fold so it and the matching seven litre pannier bag can be still attached and accessed even when the bike is folded. Via

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