Medieval-Themed Mountain Biking?! Meet the Nine Knights (Video)

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Proving once again that bikes are not only the most environmentally-friendly way to get around but also the best way to have fun, a group of professional mountain-bikers gathered in Wildkogel in Neukirchen, Austria, to prove that bikes can fly. They built an elaborate medieval-themed obstacle course full of jumps and ramps and other crazy things. The video's really good, so if you need to get the adrenaline pumping by living vicariously, check this out:

Watch what happens when professional mountain bike rider's Niki Leitner, Amir Kabbani, Cam McCaul, Yannick Granieri, Martin Soderstrom, Geoff Gulevich, Kurt Sorge, Cam Zink, Andreu Lacondeguy and Andi Wittmann cross paths with a medieval castle style MTB course.

Here's another vid of the same event:

Nine KnightsYoutube/Screen capture

If you're curious about where the idea came from:

“Being a pro-mountainbiker for several years now, I’ve seen and participated in nearly every existing type of event. That’s why I want to create something new: An event arranged and realized by pro-riders and freeride enthusiasts. Mixing the ideas and experiences I have gained throughout the years led us to a concept that promises great outcome for the sport, athletes, fans and the media.” (Andi Wittmann)

"Suzuki Nine Knights is a unique media event, including some of the world’s best riders and photographers as well as extraordinary features offering seldom shooting & riding options. I am proud that a lot of my fellows and good friends are coming to the Wildkogel in Neukirchen (Austria) for the 1st edition of Suzuki Nine Knights from August 20st – August 25th 2012 to have a good time and conquer the castle jump as well as trail section with me. The world´s finest mountain bikers will gather to form the Nine Knights, a most illustrious round table."

Nine KnightsYoutube/Screen capture

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