Love it: Map + cargo bike in Copenhagen

Copenhagenize cargo bike map
© Copenhagen cargo bike map

Copenhagen is well known as one of the best bicycle cities in the world — perhaps even the best large city for bicycling. It's always bringing us new innovations for a more bike-friendly city and life. However, this latest one is probably one of my favorites. It's a cargo bike with a map of Copenhagen plastered on it.

It's actually just one bike (not a fleet of bikes or a bike model for sale), but it's from Copenhagenize's world-renowned Mikael Colville-Andersen, so there's a decent chance it will be replicated by members of his Copenhagenize crew or by any number of fellow bike enthusiasts around the world.

Apparently, Mikael is using it in order to help lost tourists, not because he needs any help finding his way around his own city. He writes:

Tourist season is starting. I thought it would be nice to be prepared for when they stop me and ask for directions. So I glued a Crumpled City map onto the Bullitt. The Crumpled City maps are rip-proof and waterproof and generally pretty tough. So with some glue underneath and some varnish on top, I'm ready for the lost, wandering herds of visitors to Copenhagen.

Of course, one of the first things that crossed my mind was that the map wouldn't be very accessible underneath a large, heavy item that might be transported on the cargo bike. However, my guess is that Mikael doesn't actually have heavy, bulky objects on top of his cargo bike most of the time, and showing the way on a map already opened up and right down below would probably be much easier than the normal ways in which he helps tourists.

If implemented more broadly on rental cargo bikes, I imagine the maps could be stuck onto a vertical board at the back of the bike or a horizontal board up near the handlebars.

Even if this is just a one-bike thing, though, I figured plenty of TreeHuggers would love to see two of their favorite items combined — cargo bikes & maps.

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  • Love it: Map + cargo bike in Copenhagen
    Copenhagen is always leading the way in the bicycle world. Here's another example.

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