Man invents electric suitcase scooter vehicle (Video)

He Liangcai
via CRI Online

Electric scooters come in all shapes and sizes, but there are probably none as quirky as this doozy of a scooter -- masquerading as a suitcase! Created by He Liangcai, a Chinese farmer-turned-amateur inventor, this strange but efficient vehicle is capable of transporting two adults at 12 miles per hour (19 kilometers per hour), up to a distance of 37 miles (59 kilometers) on a fully charged battery.

Seen over at Oddity Central, the drivable suitcase is made using the frame of an electric scooter with a suitcase wrapped around it. Despite its odd appearance, the suitcase isn't lacking in features: it comes with brakes, light signals, a horn, a burglar alarm and is even GPS-equipped to help riders navigate easily around town.

He LiangcaiCRI Online/via

This 15 pound (7 kilogram) suitcase-scooter was the fruit of ten years of development on He's part; he was also the inventor of an award-winning car safety system back in 1999. On his way to the airport to the United States to claim his prize, he lost his luggage, giving him the idea for a (literally) transportable suitcase that could come with him to the terminal.

Man invents electric suitcase scooter vehicle (Video)
Equipped with GPS and a burglar alarm, this quirky electric vehicle is based around a suitcase that the rider can use to sit on and transport things.

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