Man Caught Stealing Bike Wheels, Set to Music

Cycling is great; good for the environment, good for you and fun. The problem is that unless you live in the kind of gated community then at some point someone is going to steal your bike, or part of it. I've personally had a couple stolen outright, some wheels go missing, a couple of pairs of lights taken off (without the mounts, what's that about?) and once a van even backed into it and drove off.

Daniel from Brooklyn recently had his wheels stolen from outside his apartment. Luckily it was all caught on CCTV, but unluckily the guy is blatantly never going to get caught. Daniel is a musician, and he set the video to a song as a form of therapy. Sure, this guy got some wheels, but he also got thousands of people watching him and thinking what an a**hole he is. That's some bad karma that is in no way worth the few dollars he will have got for the wheels.

If anyone recognises the guy, then please leave a comment.

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