Maker Faire 09: Cool Solar and Electric Bikes

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Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch
Maker Faire is never a let-down when it comes to crazy modes of transportation. The faire featured a large section devoted to some pretty amazing bikes, not only built in interesting and cool ways, but also run off solar power or featuring electric hybrid capabilities. Here are a handful we thought were extra awesome.
bike hybrid mojo photo

This bike is created by Hybrid Mojo. It is made to carry one or two riders, and when you flip on electric assist, you can really sail down the road.

bike solar chariot photo

This one is...maybe not so much a bike as a chariot. The roof is a solar panel and riders are pulled along by a pretty well known public figure. Created by Bob Schneeveis, the motor is in President Obama's chest, which powers the legs.

bike solar chariot photo

President Obama, lead the way!!

bike solar trek photo

This is a solar powered touring bike. Three large solar panels generate as much as 945 watts of electricity stored in a 36-volt battery. Once riders are pedaling about 10 miles per hour, a switch is flipped and the bike can zoom as fast as 21 miles per hour.

bike solar trek photo

The creators, Mryan Bashin and Russell Wilcox can cover as much as 200 miles of ground a day. The bike is legally able to go anywhere bikes are permitted, which means they're eager to get going. They plan on covering thousands of miles on cross-country treks over then next 12 months.

bike two story photo

This one isn't solar powered or hybrid, but it's pretty darn cool. A two-story bicycle. It definitely turns heads.

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