Make Your Own Studded Tires For Next Year's Icycle Race

martin reis icycle race toronto photo

Images credit Martin Reis on Flickr with permission

Who says you can't ride your bike on ice? In Toronto, they race bikes on ice. It's called the Icycle race, and there spills and chills all round. Peter Kuitenbrouwer of the National Post writes:

This is patently absurd. Who dreamt up such a dumb sport?

"We live in a cold country with a long winter," Mr. Kuz, [an ice bike racer] a tall, enthusiastic man who is built for speed, responds with a smile. "We have to do something in cold weather to entertain ourselves!"

martin reis icycle race toronto photo

It helps to have studded tires, made with 750 Number 4 Robertson dome head screws. (More on Robertson screws here) Jim Kuz took 40 hours to make his. The rear tire only has 600 screws; Jim says "During the race, I want my back tire to break loose a bit and counter-steer." Read the full illustrated instructions at the National Post.

Looks like a lot of fun; next year TreeHugger will cover it, maybe even give it a try. More at BlogTO

martin reis icycle race toronto photo

that's impressive.

martin reis icycle race toronto photo

What is it with kids and shirts and winter?

It took Kuz longer to make his studded tires than the The MacGyver Approach to Winter Biking (Zip Ties!) but at least it works on bikes with caliper brakes.

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