Magnetic Yellow Cards for Cyclists to Warn Dangerous Drivers

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Images: Yellow card by Peter Miller, Cyclist photo by smilygrl, CC
Where's the Referee When You Need Him?
This "Magnetic Yellow Card" by Peter Miller isn't new, but apparently we missed it when it first came out in 2004 and now it's resurfacing and making the rounds online. The general idea is that cyclists who witness or are almost the victims of reckless driving can stick these magnetic cards on the offending driver's car as a reminder to to be more careful. If you're having trouble reading the text on the yellow card above, there's a bigger version below.
bike yellowcard magnet image

Image: Peter Miller
Would Magnetic Yellow Cards Work?
I guess it's probably better than kicking a car (which we certainly don't recommend!), but basic psychology indicate that these cards wouldn't be very effective in most cases. People tend to become defensive and to rationalize when they are accused of something, and it's probably even worse if the accuser is some long-gone anonymous cyclist. But that's just my take, I could be wrong...

I do think that as an internet meme, this has a chance of reminding drivers to be more careful around cyclists and to follow the rules of the road because otherwise the consequences can be fatal. Sadly, on some other sites the comments on this magnet have devolved into a finger-pointing contest between drivers and cyclists, each blaming the other group for being reckless on the road. That's not useful: Some cyclists are bad, and some drivers are bad, but either way, it's no reason for you to be a bad driver/cyclist. Let's all preach by example.

I'm curious to know what you guys and glas think. Magnetic yellow cards: Good or bad idea?

Via Peter Miller, Boingboing
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