Loyal Dog Runs 1,100 Miles On Bike Tour (Video)

There are bike-riding dogs, and then there are bike-following dogs, and this story is about the latter.

A small dog with a lot of determination and pretty strong legs gained web notoriety after it reportedly followed a group of cross-country cyclists on an 1,100 bike journey from Sichuan province in China to Llasa in Tibet.

Xiao Sa (or Little Sa) as the dog is known, was a stray who attracted the attention of students on cycle tour. After the little dog was fed once, it seemed the cyclists couldn't lose this canine companion.

Along the way Xiao Sa and the group of cyclists covered 1,700 kilometers and climbed 10 mountains higher than 4,000 meters.

Xiao Sa just ran alongside, up the mountains, and was only carried in a makeshift wire cage when the cyclists were making steep descents.

After a week on the road, her new companions set up a Chinese blog for Xiao Sa that quickly gained thousands of followers.

One of the riders, according to a Reuters report, adopted the dog and took Xiao Sa home at the ride's conclusion.

Loyal Dog Runs 1,100 Miles On Bike Tour (Video)
From Oddity Central is the strange tale of the stray dog that developed such loyalty to a band of cyclists it ran along for 1,100 miles.

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