The Livall Smart bike helmet: Too much information?

Livall Helmet
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It seems like just last week we were discussing how many distractions drivers have built right into their cars. Now cyclists have the same opportunity, with the Livall Bling helmet that's blown through its target on Indiegogo. And no wonder; it is a real bargain, the Shimmer Floor Wax/ Desert topping of helmets that does everything including protecting your head.

liveall talking features© Livall app and features

The Bling is blinged out with built-in lighting and turn signals controlled by a remote you mount on your handlebars, but wait, there's more! It has bluetooth speakers and a microphone so you can chat on the go via your phone or a built-in walkie talkie feature, a cadence sensor that you connect to your crankset which then bluetooths the data to your helmet.

downed cyclist© Livall calls for help

It even has a 3-axis sensor "to make sure you can get help in time in case you fall when cycling alone. Once the G-sensor senses a unusual gravity acceleration, the emergency signals on the helmet will be turned on and an SOS alert will be sent to your emergency contacts automatically."- if your phone wasn't destroyed in the crash.

helmet and holder© Livall rider with phone holder

There's still more; it comes with a special phone holder that has its own battery to keep your phone charged on the go. An app that "analyzes ride, measures cadence, speed, etc., takes photos and videos. Shares ride info on social media platforms." The app also reads text messages to you so that you can keep your eyes on the road. The remote control also lets you take photos and videos with your specially mounted camera, a feature I would like to make it easier to photograph people parked in the Fedex Lane. They should build in an auto Towit! link.

Livall founder and CEO Brian Zheng says in a press release: "I’m passionate about bikes, and I believe that many cycling fans, like me, enjoy the cycling experience most when shared with others. Start your journey with LIVALL, share it, and make it more joyful!" He sells it at a pretty joyful price, too- at time of this writing the IndieGogo price is US$ 159 for helmet, Bling Jet remote and cadence sensor.

livall connects© Livall connectivity

Others complain that cyclists shouldn't be talking on the phone or listening to music while they ride, but this is hands-free and the speakers are not in-ear where they would block noise, and I don't see why cyclists should be held to a different standard where they are not allowed to listen to music as they cruise the bike lanes. This is not the Tour de France and cycling should be fun. More information at IndieGogo.

The Livall Smart bike helmet: Too much information?
There is a lot going on in this surprisingly affordable high tech bike helmet.

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