LightningCycles Mountain Folder


If you put the Montague Paratrooper (a folding mountain bike) in a dark cupboard with the Machine X (an electric assist mountain bike) you might open up the door one day and see that they spawned the Mountain Folder. A full suspension, electric assist, folding, mountain bike. Whew! Charge the Ni-MH battery for four hours and can cover 20 miles (32 km) at speeds up to 18 mph (29kph). The battery and motor are said to be located within the 26 inch wheels. When battery oomph is no longer available you can revert to good old pedal power, via the six speed Shimano gearing. Your pedalling will also be charging the battery, as you cruise along. And with a bike weight of nearly 60 lbs you are certainly more likely to be cruising, rather than speeding. Via a tip from LightningCycles.