Life Cycle UK: Promoting Biking Through Practical Advice


It should be obvious by now that TreeHugger loves bikes. We just can't get enough of them. We love the fact that they are the most energy efficient vehicle in the world. We love the fact that, thanks to some clever designers, they can now be folded up, or even turned into suitcases. We love the fact that they can be electrified, possibly even solar powered, and we love the fact that reliable cargo bikes are now becoming more widely available.

However, despite all the innovation, there is no doubt that biking can still be an intimidating business. Cyclists are forever demanding more rights, and the debate about wearing helmets is likely to go on for centuries. We are grateful, then, that organizations such as Lifecycle UK exist, a charity aimed at promoting cycling through education and hands-on training. The charity works with employers, local authorities, schools and individuals to empower people to take up cycling in a responsible and safe manner:

"Our belief is that people want to cycle but are held back by lack of knowledge, concerns about safety or simply by being unsure of how to begin. Overcome those obstacles and people will take to their bikes and enjoy the benefits. Life Cycle UK aims to inspire people and to equip them with the skills, the knowledge and the confidence to make cycling part of their everyday lives. We run practical activities such as cycle training, we organise awareness-raising events, we provide help with bike maintenance, we provide cycle maps and other literature, and we organise conferences and seminars."

If Life Cycle UK really are increasing the numbers of cyclists on our road by boosting confidence and increasing safety skills, then they are making a big contribution to safer, cleaner communities, not just for cyclists, but for all who share the road with them. ::Lifecycle UK::

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