Let's Follow Seattle's Mayor on his Bike Ride to Work (Video)

"No Free Parking at City Hall"
TreeHugger friend and ally Clarence Ekerson just sent me his latest video, and it's a great one. He went to Seattle and biked with the Mayor, Mike McGinn, on his morning commute. Mr. McGinn seems to be determined to make Seattle greener, and he puts his money where his mouth is. He even has his assistant schedule his appointments so that he can bike as often as possible, and so that he goes downhill in the morning and then makes his way back up as the day progresses. If more mayors were like that, we'd certainly have much more walkable and bike-friendly streets (and less urban air and noise pollution, as well as fewer accidents). If you're reading this Mr. McGinn, kudos! Via Streetfilms. See also: Sweet! Broadway Pedestrian Plazas in New York City Made Permanent

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