Ktrak: Putting the Mountain in Bike


Snow is probably not the first thing on many readers minds right now (though way down here, some is forecast for the mountains this weekend). But no matter. For the makers of the Ktrak say this rear track drive bicycle is equally at home in sand, as the winter white stuff.

Strictly speaking its not their bike, but yours. They simply supply the kit and you take off the wheels and affix the caterpillar-like drive to the rear, and if so inclined, a ski runner to the front. Shown to the trade last year the 26" version should be turning up in shops soon, with 20" and 24" models due for release early next year. It adds 'bout 5-7lbs (2.2 - 3kg) to a normal bikes total weight.

With a claimed 25 times better traction than standard wheeled bike, this might be the thing to make winter cycling less arduous for Lloyd and his legions. ::Ktrak, via Transition Times.

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