Just The Thing For The Bored Cyclist: The Bike Book Caddy

bike book caddy

Really, riding a bike can be so boring, especially in stop-and-go city traffic. It is easy for subway passengers to read a newspaper to pass the time, but until now, cyclists have had to just look at the road. Now Performance Bicycle has solved our problem with the Book Caddy, just the thing to pass the time. Even better, it looks like an iPad would fit perfectly.

But be sure not to wear earphones; you want to be able to hear the cars around you. Via Dvice

A Great addition to How To Get Killed On A Bicycle
UPDATE it has been a preoccupation of mine that whenever there is a discussion about cyclists and pedestrians getting killed, the comments all blame the victim for blowing through lights and wearing iPods and talking on their cellphones. I wrote this as a tongue in cheek post after yesterday's post on blaming the victim.

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