Joules, the Tandem Bike Robot that Pedals for You (Video)

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Images via YouTube video screengrab

If you have a tandem bike but no one to ride it with you, perhaps Joules could be your partner. The robot's creator, Carl, devised Joules after being challenged to create a tandem electric bike based on actual pedal pumping, plus try to make it effective enough to manage the steep hills in Carl's neighborhood. Turns out, Joules does all the pedaling! Check out the robot in action after the jump.
Engadget notes: "There's "desperate for companionship," and then there's "just plain cool." We're going out on a limb here and suggesting that the scenario you see unfolding above is a case of the latter" and we completely agree.

It isn't necessarily the most energy efficient of electric assist bikes, what with the PMG-132 motor required to make it pedal, but it is certainly cool! Plus, if it helps get Carl out there to exercise and get to the store in a greener way than a car, then we're for it. Add a solar panel canopy as an energy source and now we're talking! This is interesting enough to mingle with some of the crazy bikes we saw at Maker Faire earlier this year, like:

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