Jorg & Olif Bicycles — Refined Urban Mobility


jorg&olif; city bikes inspired by Dutch designs almost a century old are said to differ from most bikes ridden by North Americans today. jorg&olif; reckon there are three main differences: 1. they come equipped with a heap of accessories, such as fenders (mud guards), lights, cargo rack and strap, safety locks, kickstands, bells, and chain/wheel splash guards; 2. the cyclist sits tall, rather crouched forward in a racing position; and 3. they are simple, single speed models, or multi-speed enclosed, low maintenance, rear hubs. jorg&olif; city bikes are designed for cruising the city, carrying groceries, kids or brief cases. Daryl Hannah and Chloe Sevginy are supposedly some of the first Americans to have taken advantage of jorg&olif;'s move to sell into the US, after two years trading from Vancouver, Canada. Prices range from $795 to $1,295 USD, depending on the gearing you want. An array of optional accessories, like cargo baskets, child seats and waterproof city bags, also on offer. If your cycling leans towards stylish, practical, everyday elegance, more than frenetic weekend recreation, then a jorg&olif; might just be the wheels you’re looking for. ::Jorg & Olif.


"Mmmm, I wonder if he is as cool as his bike? Should I ask him if he wants to pedal down to the cafe to discuss no-mess hub gears... and whatever else comes up?"

(NB: See also this post discussing the rise in commuter and city bikes.)