Jango Flik: The Folding Bike You Can Ride, Push or Stow

jango flik folding bike riding photo

Two years we noticed that Mercedes were selling a cute folding bike. Now it's resurfaced again. Though this time by the name of Jango Flik.

A product of the Topeak design studio, -- they of the Bikamper tent and Chainbot -- the Jango Flik will be available in five models, which are mostly variations of a T or V shaped handlebar set; rigid or suspended front forks; and eight or nine speed gearing. Pricing is said to range between $1,199 and $1,599 USD. and we understand they'll be readily available in 2010, after having currently loitered about on the bike trade show circuit.

Jango Flik combo photo

The frame folds around a series of hinges inherent in the frame design, and does so pretty swiftly too. All up they'll weigh in at around 12 - 13 kg or so, depending on model.

Two seconds for what they call 'Shuttling' mode for pushing the bike around by hand. Or four seconds for Storage mode, when it folds even smaller. The official word from Topeak is that the Flik is "designed for people who commute to the city by car or public transportation and want a stylish compact folder with the handling sureness of a full-sized bicycle."

jango flik folding bike car boot photo

Jango Flik's will come equipped with integrated air cushion seats/saddles; "ergonomic grips for supreme hand comfort; dual-fit folding pedals for riding with casual shoes; front & rear LED lights for visibility; and a personal identity head badge and brake-lock for anti-theft security." Topeak has christened it as 'The Multi-Mobility Folding Bike.'

:: Jango Flik, via Folding Cyclist. Oh, and our own Christine alluded to it a couple of years back too.

Photos: Jango
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