Jail For 'Hit and Pedal' Riders?


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Last week, in the Australian city of Melbourne, a 62-year-old pedestrian found himself in the intensive care wing of a hospital after being struck by a cyclist who left the scene of the accident. (She later turned herself in) The injured man ended up with a dislocated hip and broken arm. A year and a half earlier a 77 year old man was not so lucky, when a pack of speeding cyclists ran a red light. That senior died.

The only penalty on the books at the time was a $400 AUD fine, which the magistrate apparently labelled as "pathetic". So the Victorian government are currently considering road laws for cyclists which could see them jailed, if found responsible for serious injury or death. The Roads Minister, Tim Pallas, said, "If you're endangering life in the way that you operate your vehicle, whether it's a car or a bike, you should be held to account." Via the Herald Sun.

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