It's Winter Bike To Work Day In Boulder

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More snowy cities should celebrate their winter cyclists, instead of ignoring or barely tolerating them. The City of Boulder goes all out:

You wake up, look out the window and see that last night's snowstorm has left a blanket of snow that appears to be knee deep. Still, it's a perfect day to bike to work. That's because the city of Boulder focuses on keeping bike paths safe and usable.
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Multi-use paths in the city of Boulder are maintained to high-level transportation standards. Separate snow removal crews begin plowing the city's multi-use paths at exactly the same time that other crews are plowing city streets.

Boulder's Daily Camera has some advice:

No question, there are days when snow and ice make biking a challenge. But here in Colorado, our 300 days of annual sunshine usually result in clear roads most of the time. In fact, many commuters find that biking gets them to their destination faster than driving, especially in slow winter traffic. While winter riding requires more fluid and attentive riding, you don't have to be a professional cyclist to handle winter conditions. There are a few things to be aware of, though, especially with Boulder's new Winter Bike to Work Day quickly approaching on Jan. 21.

Read their great tips for winter biking here. via Bike Commute Tips Blog

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