It Isn't Just A Helmet, It is an Ear-Pulling Navigation Device

bicycle helmet with builtin gps photo

Here is a helmet that I bet even Mikael at Copenhagenize might put on. Its really a GPS navigation device that gets rid of the problems with sound or visual signals that might distract you; instead, it tugs on your ear.

mechanism for pulling ear to turn

The crazy guys at Kajimoto Laboratories write:

Previous works on navigation mainly used visual and acoustic sensation, which is not intuitive. Some other works used tactile stimulation onto the hand or the arm to generate pseudo pulling force. But the device tended to become large and heavy. We propose to use ear, instead of hand and arm to generate the sensation of being pulled. Being pulled the ear for navigation is a common situation when we were children and hence, the sensation should be quite intuitive. At the same time, the amount of necessary force is quite small.

More at Kajimoto Laboratories via Akihibara news

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