Isn't this the Coolest Bike-Only Bridge Ever? (Video)

Minneapolis Shows Us What Bike Infrastructure Should be Like
Book publishers say that for every mathematical equation in a book, the audience is cut in half (which might be why physicist Stephen Hawking wrote A Brief History of Time without any math). There's a similar rule with biking and cities: Every big inconvenience or safety hazard for cyclists will reduce the number of people who bike (not by half, but by a certain amount). The corollary is that the Fields of Dreams principle applies: If you build it, they will come. Every new safe bike lane, every bike bridge that helps cyclists avoid crossing 7 lanes of traffic, every new bike rack or bike sharing station will increase the total number of bike trips. The video above shows us a great example of how this can be done with style! And of course, the best way to go across the bridge in Minneapolis is using the local bike-share! Via Streetfilms. See also: Minnesota's Bike Share Expands to 1,200 Bikes!

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