Is This The World's First Tricycle?


Lu Ban is credited in China with developing the first saw, paper umbrella, kite, arch bridge and even a glider. He is considered the first and greatest architect in China, a Leonardo da Vinci two thousand years earlier.

Now Chinese academic Xu Quan Long claims that he designed the first tricycle, and has built this re-creation.

Xu Quan Long says "'It is quite slow and looks like very hard work to steer and control."

According to Metro, Xu said he stumbled across the discovery while studying the works of legendary ancient Chinese inventor.

According to Seven Castles,

Lu Ban and his wife Lady Yun are considered to be the progenitors of Chinese woodworking. Lu Ban is said to have brought the plane, chalk line, and other tools to China. These tools significantly improved the quality of a carpenter's work, his productivity, and his quality of life. Lu Ban also transformed Chinese construction with his mastery of wooden joinery and the masonry arch.

Illustration from the Manuscript of Lu Ban, published in the 17th Century.

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