Is This The Most Stylish Bike You've Ever Seen?


As ever we are starting off the New Year with good intentions and how lucky that so many of them can be achieved with just one accessory: a bicycle. Yes, those regular resolutions to get out and about more, do more exercise and save money all rest on a search for the perfect two wheeler... which we think we've discovered in these beautifully handcrafted ABICI bikes from Italy.

Wonderfully chic in one colour, no brash graphics or logos, a Brooks saddle, an elegant traditional frame for men and women and a covering for the chain so we don't get our gorgeous eco-chic outfits covered in bike oil. We love the stylish Jorg + Olif bikes from Canada which have a similar look about them, so we're very happy to find ABICI keeping the traditional bike styles alive in old Europe. Available to buy online in the UK from Pedlars. Or contact ABICI to find your nearest stockist. :: ABICI

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