Insanity or genius? The world's first bike with wheels made of ice! Riding on a glacier!

Ice bike
Screen capture Youtube

What's going on?!

In between all the serious things, sometimes it's good to just take a moment to have fun. And what better way to have a good time than to combine two of our favorite things: DIY projects and bikes! Colin Furze is part of the British maker movement and, as you will see in the video, is quite enthusiastic about his projects. His latest bit of insanity is the Ice Bike, a bicycle with wheels made from solid ice (rounded, of course).

He tests his new ride in various environments, and even makes a version with orange juice wheels. Durability and traction is lackluster on asphalt, but the Ice Bike truly shines on an ice rink and especially on top of a glacier!

Crazy, right? But crazy fun!

Ice bikeYoutube/Screen capture

Not exactly the best traction when you try to climb a hill, obviously...

The Ice Bike might have been made for fun, but there's still lots of interesting DIY effort that went into it. If you want to see some behind the scenes, making of footage, check this out:

Via Colin Furze, Laughing Squid

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