Innovar 2007 Prototypes: Bidaj, The Ride-Back Bike


Following the presentation of a series of inventions that were finalists at the national Innovar contest in Argentina (all which can be seen clicking on the 'Innovar2007' tag at the bottom), this time we present Bidaj, the ride-back bike. This is a bike whose functioning has been modified so that you pedal in the opposite way you always do, but move forward. Its creator calls it 'the ergonomic bike' and ensures there are many positive effects in the body with this. "This bicycle puts to work a larger mass of muscle, the posture required to pedal keeps the column straight and alined, makes the gluteus work better, favors the elongation of the muscles from the calf, and avoids knee problems", says Abel Junqueras, biochemist and the inventor of the bike. If you add an accessory in the back wheel you can use it at home as a steady bike to exercise. Even though a prototype, the bike is easy to make and as you can see, it's not that different from a regular bike. In order to find out more, contact the creator via their website. Also, check the extended for a video that shows how it works, or head to the website, where they have more pics and videos, although in Spanish. Other innovations presented in the contest include a clean foldable bike called RAD we presented yesterday. ::Bidaj bike