Inflatable Bike Case Makes Taking Your Bike Easier

biknd Helium inflatable bike bag image

Image: biknd

For all those times you wish you could have brought your bike with you on the train, bus or plane, now there is Biknd Helium. The Helium bike case is not quite lighter than air, but definitely lighter than a standard hard case, weighing in at a mere than 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs). The trick: it's inflatable. Canadian start-up company Biknd has a patent pending for their ingenious invention. The features in Biknd's design will make your fingers twitch to get packin'. The Helium bike case opens out completely flat so it is easy to load and fasten your bike in place. The Biknd Helium can carry road bikes up to a 64cm frame and most full-suspension cross-country and mountain bikes. The list of features goes on and on:

  • Air bag panels inflate to provide protection equivalent to the foam in a hard case;
  • Hard moulded plastic inserts protect wheel axles, forks, and handlebars;
  • Fasteners secure the frame and key moving parts in place during transport;
  • Careful use of non-abrasive fabrics and separators ensure parts do not rub in transit;
  • Two sets of wheels can be packed - one on either side of the frame;
  • Four casters make wheeling the bike case around easy;
  • Spare parts will be available to maintain cases over time.
Unfortunately, Biknd selected PVC as a plastic material for their inflatable partitions. We would like to see them move to a halogen-free plastic. But aside from that one bugaboo, and a stiff price (circa US$600), this bag's got it going on....on board that is.

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